Epson B500 Adjustment Program,Epson B500 Resetter

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Reset the Waste Ink Pad in the Epson B500

Waste ink counter reset


If you have an Epson B500 inkjet printer and stopped printing. And Two Red LEDs are Blinking one by one, as show Service required  in the picture below. That’s why you need Adjustment Program to fix it



Why Waste InkPads Counter Overflow error pccurred ?

There is a large sponge pads inside the Epson B500 printer, which are called “Waste Ink Pads”. During the cleaning of the printer head and printing process It generates waste ink. These pads absorbed this waste ink and Waste Ink Pads are overflow,then show Service Required message and Epson printers stop working automatically.


How To Reset the Waste Ink Pad Counter

Open File Explorer to navigate to where you copy the Adjustment Program and open it


Click ‘Select’ button.

Select The Printer Model

Select Port

Click ‘Particular adjustment mode’ button

When the Adjustment Program window appears select ‘Waste ink pad counter’ then click on the ‘OK’ button.

Check All Tick mark and Click ‘Initialization’ button to reset the counter, then click ‘OK’ , then reboot printer

Close  the Adjustment Program and you are done



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Q. Why Need to Reset?

A. During the head cleaning and printing, the printer generates waste ink. InkPad absorbed this type of waste ink. When the Waste Ink Pad is near to overflow, the Epson printer stop working automatically. At this point, you need Adjustment Program to reset waste InkPad Counter.

Q. How to clean InkPad?

A. InkPad is made with a large number of sponge pads. Open The InkPad and You can clean it with normal water. After drying the sponge pads, you can reuse it.

Q. Will the Serial key expire date?

A. The KEY is for 1 PC Unlimited Use

   -The Reset Key Only works for Single PC (Base on Hardware ID to create the key).


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