Canon ST5103,Canon Service Tool 5103

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Canon Service Mode Tool Version 5.103 is a utility program for Canon printers, the program allows you to reset the counter of the diaper (device, absorber) and other functions
. At the moment, 2018 is the latest version
!!! The program resets the absorber only if the printer is in service mode (Service Mode), if the service mode of the printer is corrupted – which program does not already reset the absorber, then the output is only the firmware of the printer memory chips
!!! The program does not reset the absorber in disposable models, such as E400 series, MG24xx, MG25xx, etc.


Canon ST5103

Supports models:
E200 series:
E300 series:
E3100 series:

E400 series:  E400, E404, E407, E408  (# 1)
E410 series:  E410, E414, E417, E418 (# 1)
E460 series: E460, E461, E464, E468 
E470 series: E470, E471, E477, E478 (# 1)
E480 series: E480, E481, E484, E488, E489

G1000 series: G1000, G1100, G1200, G1400, G1500, G1800 
G2000 series G2000, G2200, G2200, G2400, G2500, G2600, G2800, G2900 
G3000 series: G3000, G3100, G3200, G3400, G3500, G3600, G3800, G3900 
G4000 series: G4000, G4100, G400, G4400, G4500, G4600, G4800, G4900, G4902 
G1010 series:
G2010 series:
G3010 series:
G4010 series:

IB4000 series: IB4010, IB4020, IB4040, IB4050, IB4060, IB4070, IB4080, IB4090 
IB4100 series: IB4110, IB4120, IB4140, IB4150, IB4160, IB4170, IB4180, IB4190

IP7240, IP110, IP8740,

IP2870S, IP2880S


MB2000 series:
MB2000 series:
MB2300 series:
MB2700 series:
MB5000 series:  MB5040, 
MB5100 series:
MB5400 series:

MG2570S, MG2580S

MG3000 series:  MG3010, MG3020, MG3022, MG3040, MG3050, MG3051, MG3052, MG3053, MG3060, MG3070, MG3077, MG3070S, MG3077S, MG3080, MG3090   (# 1)
MG3600 series:
MG6700 series:
MG6800 series:
MG7700 series:
MG5540 , MG5640, MG5650, MG5740, MG6840,


MX320 series: MX320, MX328 
MX330 series: MX330, MX338 
MX340 series: MX340, MX347, MX348 
MX350 series: MX350, MX357, MX358 
MX360 series:
MX370 series:
MX390 series:
MX470 series: MX471, MX472, MX474, MX475, MX476, MX477, MX478 
MX450 series:
MX490 series: MX491, MX492, MX494, MX495, MX496, MX497, MX498, MX499 
MX520 series:
MX530 series: MX534, 
MX920 series: MX924, 
MX710 series:

MX720 series:
MX890 series:

Series-the TS
TS200 series:
TS300 series:
TS3100 series:
TS5100 series:
TS6100 series:
TS8100 series:
TS9100 series:

TS5000 series:
TS6000 series:
TS7500 series:
TS8000 series:
TS8500 series:
TS9000 series:

XK50 series:
XK70 series:
and others

 (# 1)  – is disposable printers and they are not provided by the manufacturer reset / replace the absorber

00 G2000 G3000 Resetter
First need to test service mode and then buy this service tool
If can’t access service mode with 5step.
Because your printer have been hardware problem.
So can’t reset by this tool.
1. Download and extract ST4905 zip
2. Open extracted folder and run ST4905.exe
3. Hardware ID will appear and Ctrl C
4. Send back via your Hardware ID Email to get key file (Within 1day)
5. After we will sent key file and input to same folder
6. The program is ready for use to reset your printer

• E Series E410, E460, E470, E471, E481, E500, E510, E560, E600, E610.
• G Series: G1000, G1100, G1400, G1900 G2000, G2100, G2400, G2900 G3000 G3100, G3400, G3900
• IP Series: IP1200, iP1300, iP1600, iP1700, IP1800, iP1900, iP2200, iP2500, IP2600, iP2700, IP2770, IP2772, IP2870S, IP3600, IP3680, IP4700, IP4800, IP4810, IP4840, IP4850, IP4870, IP4900, IP4910, IP4940, IP4970, IP4980, IP4990, IP5810, IP5880, IP7240, IP7270.
• IX Series: IX6500, IX6510, IX6560, IX6840, IX7000, IX6870, IX6770.
• MG Series: MG2120, MG2140, MG2240, MG2270, MG2570S, MG3140, MG3540, MG3570, MG3670, MG4140, MG5140, MG5150, MG5170, MG5240, MG5270, MG5340, MG5450, MG5770, MG6140, MG6150, MG6170, MG6240, MG6370, MG7770, MG8140, MG8170, MG8240.
• MP Series: MP230, MP237, MP250, MP258, MP260, MP270, MP278, MP280, MP287, MP480, MP490, MP497, MP540, MP550, MP560, MP620, MP630, MP640, MP980, MP990.
• MX Series: MX320, MX330, MX377, MX397, MX410, MX497, MX537, MX860.
• Pro Series: Pro 9000 Mark II, Pro 9500 Mark II.





Canon ST5103


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